Flexible Oil hole drilling machine UNIOR TYPE – TBM1300

Technical specifications

Technical specs


– subject to change without prior notice –


Diameter of workpiece max.                   mm                     250

Length of workpiece      max.                   mm                     1300

Weight of workpiece     max.                   kg                        200



Stroke                               max.                   mm                     500

Rapid feed                       max.                   m/min                60

Acceleration                    max.                   m/sec2               6

Feed force                       100% ED             kN                        10,4

Feed force                       max.                   kN                        24

Ball screw                        øxP                      mm                     40x15

Torque of servo motor nominal max.    Nm        2x13

Measuring system                                                                  Absolute

Lubrication                                                                               Central



Stroke                               max.                   mm                     300

Rapid feed                       max.                   m/min                40

Acceleration                    max.                   m/sec2               4

Feed force                       max.                   kN                        40

Tooling for Crankshaft machining

– 3   Set of tool holders

– 6   Set of perishable tools

– stand time of drilling tools  70- 80 m of drilling length

Price on request