Horizontal Boring Machine TOS WHQ 13 CNC Heidenhain TNC530, X3500, Y2500

Technical specifications

Technical specs

Technical Specification:

Repositioning of the rotary table X 3500 mm

Longitudinal adjustment of the displacement of the column Z 2500 mm

Vertical headstock adjustment Y 1250 mm

Work spindle extension W 800 mm

Table load capacity 12,000 kg

Table size 2000 x 1800 mm

Diameter of the working spindle 130 mm

Work spindle taper ISO 50

Max. Spindle speed 3000 rpm.

Main engine power Heidenhain/Siemens 40/37 kW

Max. spindle torque Spindle torque 2500 Nm


cooling through the center of the spindle

ATC – automatic tool change

Chip conveyor

A set of angles

Price on request