Heavy table SKODA S35 – 35 tons load capacity

Technical specifications

Technical specs

Table capacity MN 344
Clamping plate
width mm 2800
length mm 3150
Sled travel mm 1250
Bed length mm 4000
Line width mm 1700
Table height mm 1150
Moves smoothly
fine mm min-1 0.5-10
working mm min-1 5-1000
fast mm min-1 16-3200
rapid feed mm min-1 3200
For turning, the values ​​apply to a diameter of mm 850
electric motor for displacement kW 4.2
Width of clamping grooves mm 28
Cut a groove mm 250
Circular guidance inside her
central diameter mm 1350
width mm 300
Circular line outside
central diameter mm 2100
width mm 100
Installed power kW 5.5
Table weight kg 22000

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