Horizontal Lathe SKODA SUT200/8000 heavy duty

Technical specifications

Technical specs

Swing over the bed mm 2020
Swing over the support mm 1600
Distance between centres mm 8000
Minimum swing mm 315
The heaviest weight of the workpiece (without support) t 63
Maximum torque on the clamping plate N m 160000
The revolutions in ethene smoothly in those steps min-1 0.35-180
The largest diameter of the workpiece,
which can be clamped with elists mm 1600
Diameter of the shaft in the front bearing mm 450
The diameter of the cone in the ether is mm 120
Slider moves continuously in two stages
longitudinal displacement mm min-1 1-3600
vertical feed mm min-1 0.4-1140
k horizontal feed mm min-1 0.12-450
The length of movement of the vertical slide mm 1000
Length of movement to the sledge 500 mm
The length of movement of the knife slide mm 100
Through knives (normal) mm 80x80
Electric motor for propulsion in ethene kW 80
for special power kW 50, 110
Electric motor for displacements kW 4.2
Dia. tailstock spindles mm 400
Diameter of the cone in the pinole mm 120
Spindle movement mm 250
Passing diameter (2 sizes) mm 250-1000
Carrying capacity op r N 320000
Machine dimensions for the distance between centres 8 m
width mm 3520
length mm 15360
Machine weight t 65

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