vertical lathe CKD BLANSKO SKJ63-80

Technical specifications

Technical specs

Year of production:          1978
Manufacturer:          ČKD Blansko
Inventory number:          442-010
Manufacturer part number:          14017-78
Technical parameters:
Characteristics: machining of outer, inner cylindrical and conical surfaces and end faces
bulky, medium and heavy products
Type of construction: single column vertical lathe. It has a slide with a slider on the adjustable crossbar
         The largest diameter of the workpiece at which the slide axis still reaches the center
         clamping plate          8 000 mm
         The smallest turning diameter in the hole with the knife head is          800 mm
         Maximum extension of the extension arms mounted on the clamping plate
         (largest clamping diameter)          11 500 mm
         The largest movement of the support along the crossbar          4 350 mm
         The greatest height distance from the clamping plate to the lathe
         knife holder (max. workpiece height)                                                            5 000 mm
         Slide extension          2 800 mm
         Vertical movement of the crossbar                                                                3 600 mm
         Maximum deviation of the slider from the vertical                                     ± 30
         Cone turning without interchangeable wheels – range                               ± 30
         Clamping plate diameter          6 300 mm
         Maximum weight of the workpiece placed on the clamping plate          300 000 kg
         The maximum weight of the workpiece placed on the arms is                 55 000 – 270 000 kg
         Feed rate continuously variable:
                                                                 -working feeds                                            0.6 – 120 mm.min-1
                                                                 -fast feed                                                     6 – 1 200 mm.min-1
         Rapid traverse of slides and sliders          1 200 mm.min-1
         Cross member adjustment speed          500 mm.min-1
         Largest cutter diameter          400 mm
         Board speed continuously variable:    1st stage          0.218 – 5.99 rpm
                                                                             2nd stage          0.731 – 20.06 rpm
                                     Milling:                          1st stage          0.0008 – 0.158 rpm
                                                                             2nd stage          0.0027 – 0.53 rpm
Implemented repairs in 2015:      – complete replacement of electrical installations
                                                            – replacement of slide and slide measuring
                                                            – repair of hydrostatics and storage of the table

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