Technical specifications

Technical specs

The RAFAMET KCI 320/400N CNC carousel, manufactured in 2011 in Poland, is capable of executing 
complex production programs of large-sized workpieces 
thanks to one turning head and three milling heads set at different angles.
Technical data of the RAFAMET KCI 320/400N vertical lathe
- maximum weight of the workpiece: 50 t
- maximum workpiece diameter: ø 4000 mm
- working table diameter: ø 3200 mm
- maximum revolutions of the work table: 110 rpm
- tool magazine position (right): 5
- tool tray position (left): 3
- number of workbench jaws (4 pcs) with ratchet wrench (1 pc)
- work table drive motor power: 121 kW
- power supply: 3x 400 V; 50 Hz
KCI 320 400N carousel equipment
- axis S1 (table position measurement)
- axis C (positioning the table at an angle)
- W axis (measurement of the position of the supporting beam)
- universal vertical/horizontal lathe head for CAPTO tool system with sliding adjustment (semi-automatic tool change)
- sliding and sliding linear scales: HEIDENHAIN
- cutting tool measurement sensor: RENISHAW
- grinding attachment: SFJ
- vertical right-hand turning support for turning and drilling, support extension 2100 mm
- support beam (movable)
- sliding and locking mechanism of the supporting beam
- telescopic covers for the supports of the support beam and the supports for the supports under the support beam
- lathe vice for shank knives
- freestanding control panel
- sliding mechanism cover
- hydraulic drive unit
- drive unit with circulation lubrication
- fault diagnosis with workflows on the CNC control screen
- industrial camera system
- mechanical chip belt conveyor
- protection of the bed against chips with a chip chute
- water cooling system of the tool (turning on/off the cutting tool)
- pneumatic system
- mechanically retractable front covers
- lighting of the work space

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