Railway lathe Rafamet UDA 112 N
Year of production 1989, modernization 2006
Control system ‘Siemens’

Technical specifications

Technical specs


Distance between railway wheels  1435 mm
Max. working diameter 600-1120 mm
Removable diameter 460-950 mm
Wheel rim width up to 150 mm
Spindle speed max. 40 min-1
Smooth regulation of spindle speed
Smooth adjustment of the slide support
Max. axle length 2550 mm
Max. wheel weight 5000 dsN
Carrier cylinder stroke 60 mm
Dimensions of the lathe
length 7660 mm
length with covers 8400 mm
width 3825 mm
height 2855 mm
Total weight approx. 37,000 kg
Feed rate
of headstocks 1400 mm/min
headstock spindle 550 mm/min
supports 2000 mm/min
lifting device 1800 mm/min

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