Multistation Bolt Former CBF64S – video available ▶️

Technical specifications

Technical specs

No. of forging stations                                                  3

Forging load                                        kg                    35.000

Max. cut-off dia                                   mm                  8

Max. cut-off length                              mm                  70

Max. output                                         pcs/min             260

P.K.O. stroke                                       mm                  12

K.O. stroke                                          mm                  52

Main motor                                          HP                   15

Cut-off die dia                                      mm                  Ø30x45L

Pundh dia                                            mm                  Ø40x90L

Main die dia                                        mm                  Ø50x85L

Machine weight                                   kg                    7500

Normal size of bolt                               mm                  3-6

Shank length of blank                           mm                  10-50

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