ADIGE LT9 COMBO laser machine for cutting pipes, profiles and sheet metal with a fiber source – YOP: 2014 – working hours: 21753

Technical specifications

Technical specs

Technical data of material processing:
Round tube – min. 15 mm, max 225 mm.
Square tube (steel) min15x15, max. 160x160 m
Profile length max. 6500 mm

Material – sheets – format 1500x3000 mm: Steel s = 20 mm, Stainless steel s = 10 mm, AL s = 8.0 mm, Copper s = 5.0 mm, brass s = 5.0 mm.
Possibility of burning open profiles L, C, U L = 6500 mm.
Detailed specification of technology parameters – see. attachment.

Current state of the machine:
The machine corresponds to wear according to operating hours, it is operable to burn the above materials.
The 3.0 KW laser source, profile and sheet metal feed is of good quality. The extraction of the machine is OK.
The cutting head is serviceable and corresponds to the state of wear. The new owner must purchase the ArTube software for the machine.

Disassembly and loading on trucks we provide is included in the price of the machine.
The transport is provided by the buyer.
Disassembly of cable systems will be performed by the service service providing service of ADIGE machines in the Czech Republic.

Price on request