MOSSINI PDM / 1B / 500 CNC eccentric press, sheet metal pressing line – new 2016 – complete line  – video available ▶️

Technical specifications

Technical specs

NEW IN 2007
 Complete line includes:
Unwinding of sheet metal from coils weighing up to 5000 kg
Straightening and feeding stools
Magnetic handling jig for removing and palletizing moldings
Magnetic waste collection belt
Scrap shears for waste separation
Belt conveyor for transporting waste to a container
Knives and washers set
 Technical specification:
Maximum pressing force  500 t
Power of the main drive 51 kW
Max. number of strokes  30/min
Ram stroke  200 mm
Ram adjustment 125 mm
Max. distance ram to table 650 mm 650 mm
Table work surface 1600 x 1600 mm
Working surface of the ram 1600 x 1550 mm
Throughput between stands 1620 mm
Max. tool weight 2000 kg
The total weight of the complete line aprox. 65000 kg
Weight of the press approx 54000 kg
Siemens Sinumerik 840D control system

Price on request